Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Comment on the Cries for Justice in America

A Comment on the Cries for Justice in America: Everybody is crying out for Justice, but how can you call for justice without the whole truth?

Do you know what happened in the Garden of Eden? The simple story is the game of shame and blame; Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent, and the serpent ducked for cover and slithered away, laughing as he went.

The toll was terrible. Adam and Eve, not being satisfied with having everything, wanted their own way, lost Paradise, and sin had entered into the world and God had to send His Son, a blood sacrifice for them all.  All that is, except for the serpent. The last laugh was on him. “He who sitteth in the heavens hath the devil in derision.”

But sin, in the form of bloody murder, had entered into the world and with that, murder…Cain killed Abel…and the cry for justice entered the world. The blood of Abel cried out from the very ground, and the theme of the mystery novel was born. What happened? Who did it? Will justice be done in the end?

Justice is being confused with entitlement. Like Adam and Eve, people want their own way, not accountability. Justice and entitlement are not the same thing. You cannot tell the story of justice accomplished without telling the story of why it was needed. You cannot do true justice unless the justice meted out is commensurate with the bloody crimes that call for it. 

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