Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let me pose you a theological principle misunderstood by many. When one is converted to Christ, one is converted to the Body of Christ. He is the Head and He is inseparable from His own Body.

One of our priests has expressed the principle from a Catholic perspective, “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus—‘outside the Church there is no salvation.’ There is also no peace, no rest, no Gifts or Fruit of the Spirit, no victory, no discernment, no hope and no growing up. There is no...Christ.”

From an evangelical perspective one’s salvation is complete when one is meaningfully incorporated in the Body of Christ as a participating member. Among other things this means regular Church attendance, not periodic appearances.

The church has within it many nominal Christians who have no actual allegiance to Christ and resist incorporation in the Body of Christ and have no desire for accountability; to quote a 16th Century document. “He will never be a Priest to save any who take Him not as well for their Prophet to Teach them, and as their King to Rule them.” Some are not adverse to salvation, but baulk at being taught, and certainly do not want to be ruled, even by Christ.

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