Friday, May 27, 2016

Dangerous Validations

Make no mistake! Those who depart from the traditional views of human sexuality depart also from traditional Christianity; but I know that would only make some people proud. Listen to what St. Augustine has to say, “Are not sordid acts against nature universally detested and punished as the Sodomites were? No matter how many commits such sins, they would still be criminal, falling under the divine ban on such male couplings. Our proper bond with God is violated if we taint the nature he has given us by sexual perversion.” [The Confessions]. 

Augustine observes that, “Man is a great abyss. Though you ‘number the hairs of his head,’ missing none, yet the moods and attractions of his heart far outnumber the hairs of his head” [Augustine, Confessions]. The question arises: Why would we validate liberty to do whatever someone else wishes, when we would not validate that liberty for ourselves because we know that it would only lead us into danger?

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