Sunday, September 25, 2016

Confessions of a Recovered Fabian Socialist


When I was young and living in Canada, I read “News from Nowhere”, and felt the draw of Fabian Socialism, and voted for the New Democratic Party in Canada. When I immigrated to the United States and became a naturalized American Citizen I also became a registered Democrats. Really, who wouldn’t want to vote against Nixon!

When Nixon was pardoned by President Ford I wrote Ford a letter explaining that as the Rector of a Massachusetts Episcopal Church, and as a Democrat who had voted for Ted Kennedy, I was of the opinion that although Nixon was pardoned, rather than brought to the bar of justice, that the country had had enough of the whole painful saga and that Ford had done the right thing.  I was amazed to receive a personal thank you letter from Ford who also let me know that he had forwarded my letter to Ted Kennedy. 

Subsequently I received a scathing letter from Kennedy asking how, as a man of God, I could take such a sinful position?  To which I replied that as one who had voted for him, but was not as wealthy as him, I wasn’t sure that justice had been done at Chappaquiddick, and if I were he I wouldn’t say anything.  Shortly after that two men in conservative blue suits turned up during a Sunday morning Eucharist, took notes through the sermon, and left at the passing of the Peace.  My guess was that, like many dissenters during that era, my name was on a list somewhere.

I had voted for George McGovern, and I also voted for Jimmy Carter, but the second term for Ronald Reagan made me wonder about the Republican Party. For several years I wavered between the two parties. What finally soured me on the Democratic Party was Bill Clinton’s sexual adventures with Gennifer Flowers.  Regardless of theoretical principals, I just can’t get myself to vote for the Clintons. I can’t get beyond their immorality, fabrications, and their version of big money sponsored government.

When I became a citizen I was never asked where my true allegiance lay.  My allegiance lies with the Kingdom of God and with its King.  That allegiance determines the nature of my response as a citizen of the United States. 

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